1. All for One

From the recording Lessons of Mass Destruction


All for one
One for all
All for one
Now you’re dead and gone
All for one
You sang it strong
Now I see it was just another....(Song)

Sing your songs of unity
But you look like a gang to me
Spend more time on punk rock clothes
Than watching punk rock bands
At punk rock shows
Say that punk is all ya got
Then what are you doing in the parking lot
Say you’re true and down for life
When your actions say you’re not


Preach non-violence at the shows
But you’re the first to go to blows
Your unity is not for me
If that’s the way it’s gonna be
Say I’m wrong and we’re just fucked
I guess that means we’re outta luck
Until you’re gone we’re stuck


How many of us have sung along
How many of us have come and gone
How many of us are still intact
How many of us have turned our backs

You turned your back (x12)