We are back!!!! Come see us at the Skylark with Southside Punx, The Not Likelys, and Something Went Wrong!!!!

It's finally happening. Our first show back after waiting a billion years. Well, it felt that damn long!! 

And look who is reuniting and having their first show back with us... 

The Not Likelys !!! Surprise!!! So stoked to have these guys on the bill. They are truly a part of old school Charlotte, which is also true about Southside Punx! We always love sharing a drummer and the stage with those badasses! And we finally get to have our first show with Something Went Wrong!! We can't begin to explain how excited we are to have them on this show. 

It will be mass destruction of the punk kind! So strap on yer boots, and let's mosh till we can't stand up straight. Time for an Anger Management session! EAT MORE PUNK!!! 




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